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X39 Review with Testimonials:
It Is All About The Sleep, Regeneration & Repair
Sunday May 24th, 2020 (35 minutes)

X39 Review with Testimonials:
What Is Happening To People Over 80 On X39
Monday May 25th, 2020 (35 minutes)

X39 Review with Testimonials:
Breathe Easier. Special Guest Testimony by Joy Zuke.
Monday April 6th 2020 (30 minutes)

X39 Review With Testimonials:


The Healing Journey of X39. With Eric Nies.
Eric is best known as a teen idol from MTV’s Real World. Today Eric works with the Shipibo Tribe from
the Amazon as a Master Healer in Nutrition, Emotional Release, and Spiritual Guide

After 15 Years In Raw Foods Eric’s body is clean! However during COVID he had a root tooth infection that would not clear, until X39!

Monday October 12th 2020 (26 minutes)

X39 Review With Testimonials:


DANNY GLOVER was in the house!  Yes he is on the patches and totally excited with his results!

NY doctors share how they see the technology working and test results actually documented showing stem cells are growing

Dottie: Incredible results from MS after 2 weeks!

Monday June 14th 2021 (30 minutes)

X39 Review With Testimonials:

Chris: MS since he was 11 years old, used a cane to walk. Today after 90 days of stem cell activation he is  not using a cane when he walks!

Mitchel: Sciatica down his back -  pain like a razor blade down his leg and foot from bad snow boarding accident. Nothing took the pain away. Then he started X39 & Icewave, pain gone! It’s a miracle!

Monday June 21st 2021 (30 minutes)

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