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How Light Activates X39 In Your Body
(1 Minute)

How to Activate Your Own Stem Cells
(35 Seconds)

Experience Age Reversal By Activating Your Own Stem Cells With X39

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The Pretty Face - Looking Younger!
Mandy's 12 Month X39 Update


Hair Hair Hair


Hair Testimonials With Pictures
(First 10 Minutes)
Sunday 5/17/2020 - Meeting Recording:

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CEO/Inventor Talks About The Science Of The
X39 Stem Cell Activation Patch: Why It Works & The Issues It Helps With.
(18 Minutes)

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X39 Review : How to Wear,
Testimonals, & Research

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Product Pricing and
Order Form for US and Canada:

Product Pricing and
Order Form for Interntional Customers:

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Your Order Site Template

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Onyx Coale explains the X39 Stem Cell patch
and why she chose it:

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LifeWave X39 Stem Cell patches
explained by Dr.Roopa Chari.

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Dr Andrew Rostenberg - Beyond Stem Cells -
All About Stem Cell Activation.

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